CoLAB - Profit Improvement Specialists

We help driven business leaders to improve profits and to scale execution capacity, freeing up their time to focus on innovation, without major capital investment.

  • Improve profits, enabling them to focus on innovation and growth, without major capital investment, and
  • Scale execution capacity enabling them to focus on driving strategic results without employing permanent resources.
  • Ensure the best value projects are prioritised and set up to succeed, following Lean, Agile and Waterfall principles.
We also provide a home for high-performing talent where they can express their talent in serving customers and be part of a caring community.

What we do

Profit Improvement

Profit Improvement

CoLAB will guide you on a journey from feeling frantic about under-performing profits and a dysfunctional team, to improved profits, high-performing teams and release time to innovate and grow. You will have
  • Insights for quality decisions through visibility
  • Traction to activate leadership accountability
  • Sustainable capability on a digital transformation journey
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Talent Placement

Talent Placements

High-performing contract resources to hit the ground running.
  • Flexible off-payroll resource capacity that matches the need
  • High-performing people without the HR burden
  • Reduced mis-hires through the temp-to-perm journey
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Project Delivery

Project Delivery

Modular project engagements to ensure that project performance is visible. The best value projects are prioritised and set up to succeed, following Lean, Agile and Waterfall principles.
  • Micro project engagements
  • Full PMO / PPM establishment and operation
  • “Best Practical” project workshops
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Our Approach

At CoLAB we follow our signature approach, which we call “Best Practical”, originating from the need to leverage best practices and tailoring them to fit the purpose in your business environment. We are known for our ability to crystallise complex challenges into simple-to-use solutions and creating movement on an implementation roadmap that will unlock minimum viable business value.

Our approach is neutrally facilitated to actively guide the team in co-creating their own innovative lean solution.

Over the years CoLAB has created a network of professional and talented partners that complement the expertise we already have. This allows us to offer unique, cutting edge solutions to our clients. We collaborate with partners who are specialists in their field, and are chosen for their values and business ethics, as well as their knowledge and experience.

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