“To what degree does the mindset of a project manager affect the achievement of project value? Some project managers question the constraints of a project and, despite these constraints, achieve extraordinary results because they implement projects with a different mindset.”

The Mindset for Creating Project Value by Thomas G. Lechler, Ph.D. and John C. Byrne, Ph.D. looks at the factors that influence project success and how improvements can be made in project performance. It focuses specifically on the project manager and the qualities and thinking they need to push a project to exceptional results.

This book will give great insight to project managers looking to improve their mindset toward their project. Organisation leaders, stakeholders who are responsible for implementing projects, and those who select and develop their project managers will find this book beneficial.

You can find it on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/The-Mindset-Creating-Project-Value/dp/1935589199 or the Project Management Institute http://www.pmi.org/Learning/research-completed-research/the-mindset-for-creating-project-value.aspx  



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