An Interactive Project Management Learning Experience

"Become a better project manager with CoLAB’s practical learning programmes."

CoLAB Learning introduces learners to the latest in project management best practices, applied in a “Best Practical” approach. The objective is to ensure that all the learning can be practically applied on return to the workplace.

Our Approach

CoLAB Learning aims to introduce learners to the latest in project management best practices, applied in a “Best Practical” approach.  The objective is to ensure that all the learning can be practically applied on return to the workplace.

Our programmes are designed to suit your organisation’s requirements. Training and mentoring are done at your premises (or online) by one of our professional project management coaches, ensuring your team develops the capabilities to implement future projects the best practical way.


CoLAB’s workshops are designed to create an environment where theory is applied practically and as far as possible applied in the context of the clients’ frameworks.

Participants are empowered and their confidence is increased with the knowledge on how to apply the available tools in project management.  Learners receive practical guidelines and templates that can be used in future projects.


At CoLAB we have found that many project managers never received formal training on project management.  Often employees are nominated to form part of a project team without fully understanding the basics of a project, their roles, and the required skills. 

In providing these employees with practical project management training,

  • they develop the capabilities to implement future projects in the best practical way,
  • their productivity on the project team increases, because they have the tools and templates at hand,
  • they add more value to the project and the team; and
  • they feel empowered with knowledge they can apply.


CoLAB Learning provides training solutions for teams or individuals within organisations, working on projects, who have not had formal project management training, and who are looking to learn how to manage projects better.

  • First-time project managers
  • “Accidental” project managers, ie. a person with another “day-job” but s/he was allocated the responsibility to get the project delivered and then called the project manager
  • Anyone who is expected to manage a project or a stream inside a bigger project, with no or limited prior project management training
  • Anyone who wants to fully participate in project teams and/or manage activities of other projects, and
  • Our learning engagements have proven to be hugely popular in other African countries due to the practical nature and immediate benefit they provide.


3 engagements form the foundation of CoLAB Learning:

  • Practical Project Management (2 days)
  • Short Learning Programme in Project Management (13 weeks)
  • Fundamentals of Agile Project Management (2 days)

These courses are presented within organisations, for a minimum of 10 delegates. Courses are tailored to suit the needs of your organisation, aligning them with your frameworks where possible.


This practical action learning session covers the basics of project management and will equip the ‘accidental’ project managers with tools and techniques to convert them into ‘intentional’ project managers.

Who should attend

  • First time project managers.
  • Anyone who is, or will be, expected to manage projects, without formal project management training.
  • Anyone expected to manage a stream or a sub-project inside a bigger project.

How will you benefit

Following this course, you will have:

  • Theoretical knowledge of project management applied in a practical manner,
  • Gained understanding of the full lifecycle of a project, and the relevant knowledge areas, and how to interact with the Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Applied the Practical Project Management Methodology on your own projects and environment; and
  • Tools and techniques to successfully execute projects.


2 days


R 4 995 ex VAT, minimum 10 delegates


“The practical facilitating and practicing of every phase of the planning and executing was really great and I learned so much.” (African Unity Life)

“Very informative session. The workshop was also applied to our real-world environment…” (African Unity Life)

“It is very practical and insightful with tools that the Project Managers can take with them on their journey becoming Project Managers.” (African Unity Life)

“The CEO in Nigeria… he sat through as an observer the entire duration. He was very happy with the content and mode of delivery.  He described it as unique, different, practical and effective.” (Nigerian company)

“I have done Project Management before, but this was an eye-opener. I loved how practical the course was.” (Hope Factory)

“I was able to apply immediately what I learnt, so it was easy to retain the information.” (Hope Factory)

“I have actually done a Project Management course before, but this was more practical. I am able to apply the information immediately to the stuff I’m busy with.” (Hope Factory)


This programme is accredited with the North West University (NQF Level 5). It offers practical application of accepted project management principles. It is an interactive learning experience based on the Project Management Techniques textbook by Rory Burke.

The theory is presented weekly during lectures and then applied practically in assignments during the week.

Learners work as a project team and deliver a project through all the phases. Team dynamics are addressed and learners are equipped with skills to deal with stakeholders.
Learners will develop a project through all the life cycle phases using a model to simulate the real product deliverable.

Documentation, sign-offs, approvals and milestones required per life cycle phase will be developed.

At the end of the course, teams will present their assignments as a group. An exam will be written to confirm that the learning objectives of the programme have been met.

Who should attend

Anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge and develop practical applied skills in project management.

How will you benefit?

  • This practical, experiential course will increase the learner’s confidence in project management.
  • Learners who complete the programme will have mastered all the theory and be able to manage projects as a result of the practical experience gained.
  • A NWU Certificate is issued subject to a successful completion of the exam and submission of a Portfolio of Evidence.


13 weeks (1 lecture of approx. 3 hours per week, plus assignments)


R 14 800 ex VAT per delegate, minimum 10 delegates.
Contact us for a tailored package for your organisation.


“Thank you so much for everything, we have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I liked the fact that the course was pitched at university level, with intense requirements for qualification, which makes the NQF level all the more worthy. I have been left with a sense of comfort and excitement that I can fully participate in project teams and also manage activities of service provider’s roll out of projects.” (Tsogo Sun)

As part of our program we engaged with CoLAB Learning to adopt their Short Learning Program in Project Management as an in-house focused course.  We have just completed the first full program and the feedback from the learners is overwhelmingly positive, and described as a unique and relevant learning experience. As a partner, CoLAB Learning is tops and have gone out of their way to accommodate our full requirement. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.” (Dirk van Aarde, EOH Director Project Services)


This course covers the fundamentals of Agile projects, the Agile project lifecycle, and the best ways to manage Agile projects during each phase of its’ lifecycle.

The stages of the Agile project are examined in detail, including the deliverables produced along the way, as well as the most common tools and approaches to manage an Agile project. Techniques to ensure success on an Agile project are also covered.

Various tools and techniques that are applied to determine project scope and set project expectations are included.

Students will learn the characteristics of an Agile project manager, as well as how to transition from a traditional project manager to an Agile project manager. 

Who should attend?

  • Managers, project managers, project management teams, executives, developers, business analysts.
  • Anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge and develop skills in Agile project management.

How will you benefit?

This practical, experiential course will increase the learner’s confidence in Agile project management, and will enable them to participate on or manage an Agile project.


2 days


R 4 450 ex VAT per delegate, minimum 10 delegates.

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