We help driven business leaders to scale execution capacity, so they can focus on driving strategic results, without employing permanent resources.

CoLAB also provides a home for high-performing individuals where they can express their talent in serving customers and be part of a caring community.

What is our Talent Placement service all about?

High-performing contract resources to hit the ground running.

  • Flexible off-payroll resource capacity that matches the need
  • High-performing people without the HR burden on your company
  • Reduced mis-hires through the temp-to-perm journey

What does Talent Placements include?

  • Outsourced / insourced contract models
  • 3C Matching (Character, Competence, Chemistry)
  • Onboarding
  • Temp-to-Perm recruitment journey

Some thoughts:

  • Based on research done by Dr Bradford Smart, the true cost of a mis-hire ranges between 5 times (Sales Reps) to 27 times (Senior Leaders) the cost of the salary.
  • The future of work is moving resources off-payroll to a more variable model of engagement. There is a need for resource capacity to perform the work, while having the flexibility to cater for the changes in demand.
  • Finding the right employee that matches your environment and specific needs, is difficult and time consuming.
  • The performance of high-performing individuals is constrained by the capability maturity of the environment they are expected to function in. So if you experience under-performance, the cause often lies in the constraint caused by the environment.

Does your company need a high-performing (contract) resource?